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Simple Victorian Elegance™ Bracelet Connector

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Code: BC1001

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If you wear bracelets, you need a Bracelet Connector. You will easily fasten your bracelet with one hand. It's simple and fast. Our simple connector has 1 Jet (black) onyx bead on a Victorian Black chain. Available in 3 sizes: 4", 5" & 6" to accommodate every hand size. Just measure the palm of your hand. Includes instructions. Special Pricing. Volume Price applies to the same size connector.

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Complete Instructions for use:
1. Fasten the hook end of the Bracelet Connector to the bracelet at the end without the clasp.
2. Place the decorative end between your fingers with the decoration on your palm as in the picture. The bracelet will hang down behind your hand.
3. Grasp the clasp of the bracelet with your free hand and wrap it clockwise* around your wrist until the clasp meets the end of the bracelet**.
4. Hook the clasp of the bracelet into the end of the bracelet.
5. Take the decorative end of the Bracelet Connector out of your hand and disconnect the hook of the Bracelet Connector from the end of the bracelet.
* Some bracelets may fasten easier by wrapping counter-clockwise.
** Decoration on the Bracelet Connector can go between any fingers. If it wraps too tight to fasten, moving it to different fingers will loosen it.

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